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Shane Keeling
The owner and principal tutor (BA, BMus, LRSL, MA), has been performing in a plethora of different styles and scenarios for over 15 years, and has been teaching for more than 14 years in various institutions around the UK and Ireland.

The Drum Academy provides professional lessons in a custom built, fully equipped teaching studio.

His musical journey began on the piano, which culminated in an honours certificate in grade VII awarded by the Royal Irish Academy of Music in 2004. Mid-way through his piano studies he became interested in drums, mainly due to sibling influence, with both his brother and sister being multi-instrumentalists. Communion money paid for a second hand drum kit, and he has never looked back.

Since then, Shane has performed with musical productions, blues bands, metal, funk, rock, pop, electro, reggae and every other performance situation that came his way. He has performed around Europe with various acts and has appeared live on television numerous times.

In 2009, after completing his B.A(Hons) in Music and English, Shane relocated to London after being offered a place on the competitive "Bmus in Contemporary Music Performance" at the I.C.M.P. Throughout his years in London, Shane was teaching and working with many artists, including Hakuna Pesa, and Guest House Recordings. Visit the Links page for more info on these and other acts Shane has performed with.

Since graduating with a First Class Honours from London's Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, and being awarded "Best Overall Drummer", Shane has returned to Dublin to pick up where he left off, by developing his teaching in an optimum setting, and continuing to educate drummers to the highest possible standard.

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